SmartNet National Workshop in Denmark

On 20 September, the SmartNet Project organised a National Workshop in Denmark, hosted by the Danish TSO Energynet.

The workshop has been attended by TSO, DSOs, BRPs, Energy-IT companies, and energy supply and smart grid companies, at National and Global level, with the participation of NREL (USA), Argonne National Lab (USA), Korea (Grid planning people), Indonesia and Austria (AIT)

The project got very positive and useful feedback. It was mentioned several times that this project really focuses on some of the main challenges of the future smart grid, namely the challenges the DSOs (and TSOs) will face given more EVs, PV, Heat Pumps, etc.

Denmark has almost 50 pct fluctuating renewables (wind + solar) in our power system, and the challenges will increase. However, it was also discussed that the fluctuations could potentially be balanced by our District Heating System, and knowledge on how to use the huge flexibility of the DH systems to provide grid services could benefit from what we have learned in Pilot B of the SmartNet project. The conclusion from our national workshop is also that we will try to apply for further funding in order to be able to continue with the principles and methodologies developed in the context of our Research Project.

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