What can we learn from SmartNet? | Highlights from Brussels

Before the start of the SmartNet workshop in Brussels on the 20 June, Nicolò Rossetto (Florence School of Regulation) had the opportunity to talk with the SmartNet Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca (RSE) about the importance of the project and the insights that it is expected to provide to policy-makers, regulators, network companies, and market players.

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SmartNet is testing different coordination mechanisms for the efficient and secure management of distributed energy resources as providers of ancillary services to the electricity system. Three pilot projects are underway, respectively in Italy, Spain and Denmark, with the involvement of TSOs, DSOs, aggregators, research institutes, energy consumers, etc. Next October, detailed results on the pilot projects and the research promoted within SmartNet will be presented in Florence.

More information on the SmartNet Project can be found here.

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SmartNet Workshop Series – 24-26 October, Florence

The Florence School of Regulation is pleased to host a 3-day workshop series organised by SmartNet. We invite you in Florence to learn and discuss the results achieved by the SmartNet research on the TSO-DSO coordination theme. Each day, different perspectives and interests of the stakeholders will be taken into account by the project team. Read more and register here.