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Towards smarter grids with CEER

Given the relevance of the project to its work, CEER joined the SmartNet Advisory Board.   Representing CEER on the Board will be Mr Andrew Burgess, from Ofgem.

We are glad to announce CEER’s participation to the SmartNet Advisory Board.

SmartNet investigates how TSO-DSO interactions could be efficiently set-up in order to allow ancillary services (balancing, congestion management and voltage regulation) to be provided by resources in distribution (virtual power plants and DSM essentially), and how ancillary services markets should be modified accordingly. What will come out from our research (the simulations and the three physical pilots) could have a direct regulatory interest because the theme of RES integration (how to cope with additional reserve needs, how to make distribution participate to it by exploiting flexibility and intelligent communication of SmartGrids) is one of the hottest at the moment both at national and EU-level.

Welcome CEER and good luck SmartNet!