Smart Recap: last events & publications from our project

This month our team has been contributing to the major events in the European energy sector. And more is yet to come!

This is only a recap of the first part of November, while we will dedicate a special attention to the events hosted in the second half of this month. To stay always up-to-date on the steps of our research, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rethinking distribution grids: future DSOs’ roles in active system management through flexibility

On 9 November 2017 In Brussels, the WP leader Daan Six participated in a workshop organized by EDSO. The event gathered more than 100 participants to reflect on the future DSOs’ roles in active system management through flexibility, in the context of the energy transition that is profoundly transforming the distribution system.

Find the presentation here:
TSO-DSO Coordination Schemes for Accommodating Ancillary Services from Distribution Networks
 | D. Six

ENTSO-E Internal Ancillary Services Conference

On 10 November in Brussels, the Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca participated in the internal event organised by ENTSO-E on ancillary services.

Find the presentation here:

SmartNet project: TSO-DSO interaction architectures to enable DER participation in ancillary services markets  | G. Migliavacca


And if you missed our recent progress, you can find all our publications in open access.