SmartNet meets a delegation from Japan

On Friday  28th September, a delegation of Japanese companies (TEPCO, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Kansai Electric Power, University of Tokyo) came in the visit to the RSE headquarters in Milan to collect information on the SmartNet project and to exchange opinions on their activities.

In Japan, the management of electric power systems is getting more complicated due to the introduction of renewable energy. In particular, the photovoltaic generation has been significantly increasing since 2012 when the “Feed-in Tariff Scheme” was first introduced. In order to deal with this problem, as a part of a national project of Japan, advanced functions have been studied enabling control and communication for PV inverters. In addition, using the communication function of such inverters, a DERMS (Distributer Energy Resource Management System) is being built in, which controls not only for PV but also for whole DER including storage batteries. For that reason, Japanese companies are especially interested in how to manage massive DERs connected to the distribution grid for transmission or distribution grid operation.

The SmartNet coordinator G. Migliavacca introduced them to the project and the results achieved so far. G. Viganò was also present and answered together with him to the numerous questions asked by the group.

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