SmartNet and the Ministry of Energy of Cyprus (MECIT)

On behalf of the Structural Reform Support Service of the European Commission, RSE is carrying out a project named “Technical support to improve the penetration of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in Cyprus” the beneficiary of which is the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus (MECIT).

One of the work packages of the project is aimed at the revision of the Trading and Settlement electricity market rules, defined by the Cypriot TSO in its role of Market Operator, that are at the basis of the operation of the day-ahead market, of the integrated scheduling process and of the real-time balancing market, foreseen to start in 2020.

Within this context, the topic of TSO – DSO interaction schemes, dealt with the SmartNet project, is of utmost interest both for MECIT and for the other main stakeholders involved in the electricity market liberalization in Cyprus, i.e. the TSO, the DSO and the regulatory authority CERA. Therefore, an 11th October, a videoconference was carried out with the aim to transfer the experience of the SmartNet project on TSO-DSO coordination. Mr. Migliavacca, SmartNet coordinating person, presented details on the set-up and results achieved by SmartNet to date and collected many expressions of interest, especially on regulatory aspects, as well as numerous questions which gave rise to an interesting debate.