SmartNet at the Electra Final Event

Milano, 21 – 22 February 2018

The final event of the ELECTRA research project took place on 21-22 February in Milan.

During day 1, the SmartNet project coordinator G. Migliavacca was invited to take part in the roundtable:

Grid main challenges and how to bring the Web-of-Cells concept to maturity

together with some other stakeholders like Efthymiou Venizelos of ETIP SNET and Norela Costantinescu of ENTSO-E.

To the margin of the same meeting, upon request of a Korean delegation of 5 people from the network operator KEPCO and from national universities, Mr. Migliavacca organized a briefing with Q&A on the main findings of SmartNet.

It was also a good opportunity to compare the different regulatory practices in force in the European countries and in South Korea.

Find the presentation here