SmartNet at CIRED 2019

SmartNet at CIRED


Participation in CIRED 2019 offered us an opportunity to meet with up to 2000 experts and benefits from face-to-face interaction with key decision leaders in the field of Electricity Distribution.

Find all the papers presented:

Architectures for Optimised Interaction Between TSOs and DSOs: Compliance with the Present Practice, Regulation and Roadmaps
A. Morch, G. Migliavacca, I. Kockar, H. Xu, J. Fernandez, H. Gerard
CIRED, June 2019

Use of Radio Base Stations to Provide Ancillary Services to the DSO Through Local Flexibility Market
M. Pardo, C. Madina, M. Marroquin, E. Estrade
CIRED, June 2019

Cost-benefit Analysis of TSO-DSO Coordination to Operate Flexibility Markets
C. Madina, S. Riano, I. Gomez, P. Kuusela, H. Aghaie, J. Jimeno, N. Ruiz, M. Rossi, G. Migliavacca
CIRED, June 2019

Aggregation of Thermostatically Controlled Loads for Flexibility Markets
J. Jimeno, R. Nerea, C. Madina
CIRED, June 2019

Testing TSO-DSO Interaction Schemes for the Participation of Distribution Energy Resources in the Balancing Market: the SmartNet Simulator
M. Rossi, G. Vigano, G. Migliavacca, H. Svendsen, G. Leclercq, P. Sels, M. Pavesi, T. Gueuning, J. Jimeno, N. Ruiz, J. Camargo, C. Hermans, F. Spiessens, Y. Vardanyan, R. Ebrahimy, G. Howorth
CIRED, June 2019