SmartNet and Smart Grids: our project at the 4th MI IC1 Workshop

The SmartNet Project will participate in the FOURTH MI IC1 SMART GRIDS INNOVATION WORKSHOP taking place on 21-23 November 2018 in Rome.

The Smart Grids Innovation Challenge (IC1) is the first of eight ICs under the Mission Innovation (MI), a global initiative involving 22 countries and the European Union. The main objective of IC1 is to accelerate the development and demonstration of smart grids technologies in a variety of grid applications, including the robust, efficient, and reliable operation of regional grids and distribution grids as well as micro-grids in diverse geographic conditions, to facilitate the cost effective uptake of renewable energy.

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Together with other international experts, we will discuss technical and policy discussions on smart grids main challenges. On DAY 3, the Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca will carry out a presentation of SmartNet.

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