Smart and Tech: SmartNet Project at PowerTech

18-22 June 2017 | Manchester

PowerTech is the IEEE PES anchor conference in Europe and has been attended by hundreds of delegates from around the world. SmartNet Project participated in the conference to exchange ideas and discuss the results of their research and development work.

Towards and Beyond Sustainable Energy Systems.

In a dedicated Special session, the team of SmartNet collected the main findings of the project at half way of its activities and contributed to the debate on the issue of TSO-DSO interaction, which is now one of the key discussion topics at European level.

Download the presentations:

Introduction by Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Coordinator, RSE, Italy

Download Presentation 1

1- “TSO-DSO coordination schemes for accommodating ancillary services from distribution networks” by Daan Six, EnergyVille/VITO, Belgium

Download Presentation 2

2 -“Advanced market schemes for allowing ancillary services from distribution networks” by Guillaume Leclercq, N-SIDE, Belgium
Download Presentation 3

3- “Communication and ICT requirements for allowing system services from distribution grids” by Seppo Horsmanheimo, VTT, Finland

Download Presentation 4

4- “A new platform for testing TSO-DSO coordination schemes” by Marco Rossi, RSE, Italy

Download Presentation 5

5- “Presentation of the three technological pilots” by Carlos Madina, TECNALIA, Spain

Download Presentation 6

6- “Regulatory, planning and operation implications of TSO-DSO coordination for ancillary services from distribution grids” by Ivana Kockar, University of Strathclyde, UK

Download Presentation 7

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