Our Pilot A paper won ‘Best 2018 CIGRE Session Papers’

Smart TSO-DSO interaction schemes and ICT solutions for the integration of ancillary services from distributed generation

by Guida, G.Bruno, G.Ortolano, LucaPoli, M.Palleschi, M.Migliavacca, GianluigiMoneta, D.Arrigoni, C.Zanellini, F.Della Croce, G.Bridi, A.

The Paper has been selected as one of the “Best of” papers of the Paris CIGRE 2018 Session

The subject of this paper is the Italian pilot, realized by a consortium composed by RSE, Terna (TSO), local DSO Edyna, Siemens and Selta in order to develop, implement and test in field technological devices to demonstrate that a smart management of the entire electrical grid, with the coordination of all the actors involved, could help to face new challenges.

In particular, the interaction and the collaboration between TSO and DSO could improve the observability of the grid and allow investigating and defining needs, opportunities and feasibility to employ the potential contribution from all the resources connected in the transmission and distribution grid. In this way, the electrical system could be more flexible and more optimizable.

In terms of technology, the Italian pilot project aims to implement new devices in order to improve the observability of the DSO’s grid and to enable flexible generation to provide system services. In particular, the main functionalities regard:

  • The acquisition of real time information about the operational state of the power plants located at distribution level
  • The estimation of the production fed into the power grid by unmonitored plants
  • The aggregation of real time data at the interconnection point MV/HV provided by the DSO to the TSO
  • The voltage regulation by generators connected to HV and MV levels
  • The power/frequency regulation (Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve – aFRR) by generators connected to MV grid

The purpose of the present paper is to submit the achievements of the demonstration project realized in Italy during the first two years and to describe the ICT solutions developed by Siemens and Selta in order to fulfill the above functionalities.

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Congratulations to the SmartNet Pilot A team!