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SmartNet invited at experts’ round table organised by EU Commission

On 13 March 2017 the SmartNet project will participate in the round table:

Innovation in grid services

How can TSOs and DSOs use consumer flexibility for grid management?

The legislative proposals on the energy market that the Commission adopted on 30 November 2016 (the so-called winter package), in particular the Electricity Directive, promotes that network operators procure balancing, congestion management and ancillary services from assets connected to the network both at transmission and at distribution level, based on cooperation among them. This will lead to more efficient and effective network operation, and will facilitate local network management and optimisation. The Electricity Balancing Guideline allows the use of bids for balancing services gathered on the European platforms to be used for other purposes, including for local network services. For consumers and producers, including local energy communities, the provision of these services to network operators can be new sources of revenue, in addition to demand response based on wholesale market price signals.

New business models will emerge, aggregators possibly play a major role, and concepts need to be tested. Furthermore, TSOs and DSOs will use the same pool of resources: actions by both can mutually affect each other, so they need to be (at least) mutually aware of their actions. In cooperation with market participants, they have to define the services they want to procure, and have to set up ways to procure them. Quite a number of projects have already demonstrated the ability of connected assets to provide grid services, and many projects have already set up markets and/or platforms to communicate with customers and/or assets connected to the grid. The European Commission has also set up a structure for EU-supported projects to cooperate and exchange experiences, a.o. on business models.

The aim of the Round Table is to discuss – in a restricted setting, the experience from existing and ongoing projects, aiming to identify the next steps for Research and Innovation.

SmartNet will be invited to give a contribution based on the experience from the project. Particularly the Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca and Marco Rossi (RSE) will present the latest developments in the electricity transmission network and they will identify the next steps needed in research and innovation in order to optimise the interface between TSO and DSO.

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