The grid as the backbone for integrating variable renewable energy

On Wednesday 22 March in Berlin, the SmartNet Project will join the Agora Energiewende’s Workshop:

The Flexibility Challenge in Global Power Systems Transformation

How can we cost-effectively and reliably operate power systems with growing shares of weather-dependent renewable energies?

The International Think Tank Workshop organised by Agora Energiewende will address the cutting edge of energy transition thinking focusing on the key challenges of power system transformation.

The project coordinator Gianluigi Migliavacca will lead the Session B from the title The grid as the backbone for integrating variable renewable energy.

Most attractive sites for generating renewable energies are not always where electricity is needed, and generation of wind and solar is fluctuating depending on time and location. Therefore, the transmission and distribution grids are central instruments for integrating variable renewables and balancing supply and demand. To efficiently do so, changes to the way grids were planned, operated and regulated in the past, when large, centralized thermal power plants were the dominating source of generation, are indispensable

Together with the SmartNet Coordinator, Marco Rossi (RSE/ SmartNet WP4), Ivana Kockar (University of Strathclyde/ SmartNet WP6) and Carlos Madina (Tecnalia/ Smartnet WP5 ) will address the following key questions:

  • What are the most important implications of an increasing penetration of vRES in the grids (transmission and distribution)? Which innovations can help meet these challenges in planning and in operation?
  • What kind of (new) services will be required both at local and at system level, how could these be procured, and what are the consequences for regulation?
  • Which entities could exploit flexibility in order to provide services to the system. Is the concept of the virtual power plant a viable one?
  • What should the role of TSOs and DSOs be in the acquisition of ancillary services. What model could be more reasonable? Are there possible conflicts of interest preventing DSOs to play a more active role in services acquisition?

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