SmartNet at Future Power Market workshop in Milan

On 11 January 2018, the SmartNet Project has been invited to contribute to the workshop on TSO-DSO-PX Cooperation, organised by the Deutsche Institut für Wissenschaft (DIW) at the Italian regulatory office in Milan.

The event, held under Chatham House Rule, saw the participation of representatives from European Commission, TSOs, DSOs, ENTSO-E as well as of several important research institutions. The workshop tackled the key issues for future modes of coordination between TSO, DSOs and power exchanges.

See the agenda: Future Power Market Platform

The contribution of the SmartNet Project

The project coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca gave a lecture on the solutions proposed by the SmartNet Project and chaired the final session of the workshop, together with the WP leader Marco Rossi.

Alberto Bridi and Marco Baldini, from our partner EDYNA, illustrated the activities of Pilot project A, working on DSO area data monitoring, while Miguel Pardo (ENDESA) gave a presentation on the Pilot C focusing on flexibility from radio base station.

Download the presentations

Flexibility from Radio Base Stations
M. Pardo, January 2018

Italian Pilot Project
M. Baldini, January 2018

TSO-DSO interaction architectures to enable DER participation in ancillary services markets
G. Migliavacca, January 2018