#EUW16 wrap up

On 16 November SmartNet participated to the European Utility Week in Barcelona which brought together industry leaders, start-ups and young talent to drive the industry forward and keep pace with looming EU targets.

The session was followed by a wide public with some questions from the auditorium and the participation continued with the panel that concluded the session. During the panel, to which all speakers participated, a lot of critical points were touched all lying around the question “could ancillary services from distribution networks be a business model?”. The figure of the aggregator was discussed as well as possible attitudes from the demand side, especially household. Regulatory considerations were worked out.

In the context of the event, the SmartNet Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca, had the chance to present the project and its main objectives.


Download the presentations

Communication and ICT Requirements

Market Architectures Integrating Ancillary Services from Distributed Energy Resources

TSO-DSO Coordination Schemes for Accommodating Ancillary Services from Distribution Networks

TSO-DSO interaction to increase flexibility and improve interoperability in real time reserve management: the view of the SmartNet project

WP5 Italian pilot project

Innovation Projects & Living Labs Global Infrastructure & Networks

Comparison of the national cases in a simulation environment and laboratory testing

Electrically heated swimming pools as flexible assets