CEER asks, SmartNet answers (consultation)

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) has recently published consultation document C16-DS-29-03 on “Guidelines of Good Practice for Flexibility Use at Distribution Level”.

The purpose of this consultation paper is to explore the use of flexibility services at the distribution level of the electricity network and gather views from respondents on the following key areas:

  • the DSOs’ role in accessing such services and facilitating an environment for the provision of flexibility; and
  • the regulatory framework, including tools and principles to facilitate flexibility use at the distribution level.

Twenty questions are posed on key issues regarding flexibility at distribution Level, DSO uses of Flexibility and regulatory principles.


Download the consultation by CEER

The response of the project SmartNet, drafted by the SmartNet project coordinator with the contribution of all Work Package leaders, reflects the viewpoint of the project on the consulted topics, which are all crucial for the project itself. Our response to this consultation fully incorporates the vision of our project, which aims at comparing several different TSO-DSO interaction schemes and different real-time market architectures with the aim of finding out which solution would deliver the best compromise between costs and benefits for the system.

Download SmartNet answer to CEER consultation