All the presentations from #EUW2017

The European Utility Week 2017 has offered important opportunities for the dissemination of the project SmartNet.

SmartNet took part to the cycle of presentations dedicated to the Horizon2020 projects which participate in the BRIDGE initiative coordinated by the European Commission. In this frame, the SmartNet Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca carried out a general presentation of the project and took part in a panel session dedicated to Data Management.

However, the most important dissemination opportunity was offered by an entire hub session chaired by Mr. Migliavacca and dedicated to the project SmartNet in the morning of 5th October.

Here, for the second time a number of presentations highlighting different technical aspects of SmartNet were carried out by 8 speakers from the SmartNet team, in order to show the progress and the advanced features of the project. The session was very lively and the public showed interest and curiosity formulating many questions as well as actively participating in the final Panel Discussion, dedicated to how to organize efficient ancillary services markets in the DER age.

Download the presentations of  SmartNet:

Hub Session: Preparing the Markets of Tomorrow

1 – EUW17 – Migliavacca

Hub session “SmartNet Project”

2 – EUW17 Rossi

3 – EUW17 Leclerq

4 – EUW17 Djamarija

5 – EUW17 Marroquin

6 – EUW17 Madina

7 – EUW17 Ortolano

8 – EUW17 – Algren

9 – EUW17 – Pardo

Panel: Towards a pan-European approach to data handling

10 – EUW17 Migliavacca Data Management