GianluigiGianluigi Migliavacca graduated in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1991 and joined the Automation Research Center of ENEL in 1994, working on mathematical modeling and dynamic simulation of thermal power plants. In 2000 he joined CESI and then CESI Ricerca (now: RSE). He was head of the Transmission Network Planning research Group at RSE for several years and now acts as project manager of important national and international research projects.

His research interests encompass mathematical modeling of deregulated electricity markets, regulatory issues, transmission planning and smart grids.

During 2005 he was consultant at the Italian Regulator about the development of a common energy market in South-East Europe and about congestion management in Central-South Europe.

He is member of the technical committee TC 6.3. Power Plants and Power Systems of IFAC. He is also active as Task 2 leader within the Annex 6 of the IEA implementing agreement ISGAN.

Among his most recent roles in the EU research:

  • coordinator of the European FP7 research project REALISEGRID (2008-2011),
  • WP leader in the key EU project eHIGHWAY2050 (2012-2015), managed by RTE France in the framework of ENTSO-E, aimed at creating a Modular Plan for deploying electricity highways in Europe till 2050,
  • WP leader of the project eBADGE (2012-2015),  analysing the potential advantages of a trilateral balancing/reserve market between Austria, Italy and Slovenia),
  • responsible of a task within a study performed in 2013-2014 on behalf of MedGrid concerning a future central corridor of energy import from North Africa to Italy.

Now, he is acting as project coordinator of the new Horizon2020 research project SmartNet (2016-2018) aimed at analysing TSO-DSO coordination for the allowing a participation of resources located in distribution networks (DSM, dispersed generation) to the market for system ancillary services (most notably: balancing).