What lessons from SmartNet? Podcast with A. Burgess (CEER, OFGEM)

‘What is interesting about the SmartNet project is that it’s looking at difficult issues in detail and it’s trialling them to see what works’

During the SmartNet Project Advisory Board held in Glasgow on 1st February 2018, we had the chance to interview our stakeholders to learn more from their perspective.

Listen to the podcast with Andrew Burgess (OFGEM, CEER)

From 30 January to 2 February 2018, the SmartNet project team convened at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow to discuss the recent results, meet the stakeholders and plan the next activities.

During the last six months, the simulation platform was completed and the first of the three scenarios, the Italian one, was outlined. Hence, on this occasion, we showed to the stakeholders attending the Advisory Board the results of the first runs. In the same meeting, the progress made in the three technical pilots (now all in exercise) have been illustrated. The coordination meeting was a successful opportunity to engage with the stakeholders as well as to analyse and share two years of results.

Looking forward to the challenges of the new year!