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Public workshop on the SmartNet project

Showcase and debate on results, six months away project end. Workshop on 20 June 2018 | Brussels   The SmartNet project is going to complete its activities within the current year. We have always paid a great attention to collect feedbacks and suggestions from the stakeholders’ world and now, six months ahead to the end […]

Interactive online debate: TSO-DSO coordination

TSO-DSO coordination for electricity system balancing and congestion management Interactive online webinar in collaboration with the Florence School of Regulation. Moderated by Leonardo Meeus (Vlerick Business School, FSR). Academic panel: Tomas Gomez (Comillas University) Gianluigi Migliavacca (Smartnet Project coordinator) Marco Rossi (Smartnet Project) The moderator will give an introduction on the topic and will address some […]

#EUW16 wrap up

On 16 November SmartNet participated to the European Utility Week in Barcelona which brought together industry leaders, start-ups and young talent to drive the industry forward and keep pace with looming EU targets. The session was followed by a wide public with some questions from the auditorium and the participation continued with the panel that […]

SmartNet Project in Barcelona

The SmartNet project will convene in Barcelona on 16th November for a invited full-afternoon session part of the track “Intelligent Grid”. The project SmartNet will be introduced by the project coordinator Gianluigi Migliavacca. His overview will be followed by 8 technical presentations by project partners providing details on the results achieved so far. This will […]

Come coordinare Tso e Dso | SmartNet in Italian

At the end of September Quotidiano Energia published an article on our project from the title Servizi di rete, come coordinare Tso e Dso, which highlights the main goals of our research and analyse the first results of the three national pilot projects. Read the article For more information visit www.quotidianoenergia.it

The Path to the Intelligent Grid – SmartNet online with Engerati

Across Europe new technologies and innovation are taking the grid to heightened levels of intelligence. But how will the key technology operators and suppliers come together to bring true value to the power system? In the context of Power in Europe, the SmartNet Project Coordinator Gianluigi Migliavacca took part in a webinar focusing on the […]

SmartNet Project on Renewable Energy World. Interview with the project coordinator.

This month Renewable Energy World dedicated an article to our project. Ancillary services typically include managing reserve and balancing, voltage regulation, and congestion management, at both local and system-wide levels and are considered crucial for ensuring effective grid operations. However, with the rise of renewable energy penetration, challenges have emerged. Explaining the motivation for SmartNet, […]

Towards (close) harmony: options for enhanced TSO-DSO coordination

The SmartNet project is analyzing different possibilities for coordination schemes between TSOs and DSOs to enable the efficient integration of DRES and flexibility in power systems. Power systems are undergoing significant changes because of the increasing penetration of distributed energy resources (DER), mainly connected at the distribution grid. This evolution results in higher needs for […]

Stairway to Heaven: First steps in building up the three technological pilots

Three technological pilots to demonstrate different modalities to provide to ancillary systems to the system The demonstration activities in SmartNet are aimed at proving that Distributeed Energy Resources (DER) can provide ancillary services to the TSO. For that purpose, three physical pilots will be implemented in field. Each pilot will demonstrate a different TSO-DSO coordination […]

ICT enabling flexible energy grids

Quick evolution in ICT opens new possibilities to build flexible energy grids taking quality, security, and performance into account. Energy systems are moving from centralized architectures and markets towards more flexible and distributed structures. The forthcoming ancillary services generated from opening global markets will set new types of requirements for monitoring and control of distributed […]

Small market changes, giant leaps for DERs

The SmartNet team is developing the mathematical models that will serve as the bricks of enhanced market architectures to enable the efficient utilization of DERs. Unlike conventional power generating units, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) offer a much more diverse range of power sources with intricate physical and economic drivers. In fact, we may have DERs […]

Coordination meeting in Copenhagen

The first coordination meeting of the SmartNet Project after project kick-off will be held in Copenhagen on 5-7 July 2016. During this three-day meeting the 23 partners of the project will review the first progress after 6 month from the launch and will synchronize the next research activities. On 6 July the WP4 (coordinated d by RSE) will officially […]