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SmartNet at the European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum in Amsterdam

On 21st April 2017 the SmartNet Project Coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca was invited to present our research project in the context of the 9th Edition of the European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum – Assessing flexibility, balancing, and demand response as renewable energy continues to redefine business models. In the second day of the Forum the SmartNet Coordinator provided a […]

The grid as the backbone for integrating variable renewable energy

On Wednesday 22 March in Berlin, the SmartNet Project will join the Agora Energiewende’s Workshop: The Flexibility Challenge in Global Power Systems Transformation How can we cost-effectively and reliably operate power systems with growing shares of weather-dependent renewable energies? The International Think Tank Workshop organised by Agora Energiewende will address the cutting edge of energy transition […]

SmartNet Newsletter – March 2017

Dear Readers, The project SmartNet has now reached its first year of activities. Among the most important products of this first intense year, we can quote the publication of: (D1.1) an analysis of system services requested at 2030 (D1.3) an in depth analysis of TSO-DSO coordination schemes (D3.1) a screening of ICT requirements to implement […]

Highlights from Helsinki (SmartNet Meeting)

The Project Meeting held in Helsinki in February 2017 was successful and paved the way to further collaboration. During the 3-days event the technical Work Packages of the SmartNet Project presented and discussed their results. Partners and stakeholders members of the Advisory Board  joined the discussions offering a valuable insight into the expectations of this project and its […]

Stakeholders’ perspectives on the SmartNet Project

How can Europe can live with decentralised generation? How to organise a secure and cost-efficient transformation? The SmartNet Project looks at one of the most critical areas of change in the sector… During the SmartNet Project Meeting in Helsinki, on Thursday 2 February 2017, we asked some of the stakeholders in attendance what the significance […]

SmartNet invited at experts’ round table organised by EU Commission

On 13 March 2017 the SmartNet project will participate in the round table: Innovation in grid services How can TSOs and DSOs use consumer flexibility for grid management? The legislative proposals on the energy market that the Commission adopted on 30 November 2016 (the so-called winter package), in particular the Electricity Directive, promotes that network […]

Meeting in Helsinki : 31 January-3 February 2017

The technical Work Packages of the SmartNet Project will meet in Helsinki to present and discuss their results. Partners, advisory board and journalists are invited to join. Helsinki Meeting Agenda Dates: 31 January-3 February 2017 Venue: VTT Campus – Espoo (Otaniemi) Address: Vuorimiehentie 3, Espoo Google Maps: Google VTT Vuorimiehentie 3 Espoo Programme Day 1 […]

The Key is Flexibility

Smartnet partners at VTT discuss the complexities that DSOs will have to manage in the coming decades and the essential role of system flexibility. In the next decades, electricity distribution networks and DSOs will have bigger and more active role than today. That is necessary to enable the necessary distribution of ancillary services, system flexibility […]

Where are we going?

Where are DSOs going? How will they face future challenges? What is the possible role and contribution of the SmartNet project? Today we interviewed the SmartNet project coordinator, Gianluigi Migliavacca, to provide a wider overview of the situation of distribution systems and the importance of our research. What role do you envisage for DSOs in future distribution systems and in […]

Prospective Developments and Challenges to Distribution Systems

We asked a few colleagues from our SmartNet partners, AIT, to highlight their views regarding the evolving role that DSOs, new services, data management and the DSO-TSO relationship will play in the future of distribution systems. What role do you envisage for DSOs in future distribution systems and in particular in the framework of future […]

The Data of the Future: Tecnalia on ICTs and DERs

Which role will ICT and data management play in future services provided by subjects in distribution? We asked Tecnalia, Partner of the SmartNet Project. The deployment of smart grids is closely related to the use of ICTs for network operation. ICTs provide higher levels of visibility and controllability in distribution networks and this permits a […]